Steezy's Smoke Shop 🏪

i know you're tryin to scoop up all these goodies.

What Can We Expect?

There might be some graffiti on the walls, barred up windows, and a dumpster fire in the back, but don't underestimate what Steezy's Smoke Shop has in store.

Our expectation is for Steezy's Smoke Shop to have a presence in every metaverse. We are currently working closely with two worlds at the moment to create an interactive experience.

  • Raffles

  • Sporting Events

  • Concert Tickets

  • Festival Passes

  • Dope Merch

  • Digital Assets

  • Access Passes

  • Cannabis Accessories

  • & much more!

Steezy's Smoke Shop will be the spot to be...

& the only way to get the goods is by having the SMOKE.

NFT Holder Benefits

Holders of Steezy NFTs will receive multiple benefits within the shop. You could expect exclusive items, discounts, & custom pieces to be included within the holders lounge.

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