Smoke Sessions 33.4% 🔥

the event of the week. run the numbers & tell me whats going to happen.

What is a smoke session?

A smoke session is the BIGGEST EVENT TO HAPPEN in the Steezy <3 Smoke ecosystem. Every Friday at 4:20 PM EST, we buyback and burn SMOKE with funds that have been collected through four mechanisms throughout the week.

Below, you can read about those four mechanisms and how much SMOKE will burn!

Steezy's Smoke Shop

We expect many transactions and tokens flowing through the digital shop.

What should we do with those tokens?.... First thought burn 33.4% of them!

What about the rest? We will utilize them to replenish staking pools and continue project development as we grow the Smoke ecosystem.

Token Transactions

There is a tax 5% in, 5% out on all token transactions.

33.4% of all collected taxes will be held in the Smoke Session wallet and held for Friday BUYBACKS AND BURNS!

Secondary Royalties

The secondary royalty rate is 6.9%.... 🤷🏼‍♂️

33.4% of all collected secondary royalties will be moved to the Smoke Session wallet and held for Friday BUYBACKS AND BURNS!

Unclaimed Staking Rewards

You either meet your lockup requirement to collect rewards... or you unstake early and are not able to claim the rewards.

If you don't meet your lockup requirement, 33.4% of those unclaimed rewards plus 33.4% of the initial staked balance will be sent to the smoke session address.

So...What will happen from all the burns?

Great question... The result is TBD.

Typically, when you reduce the supply & maintain or increase the demand, price goes where? We will let you answer that question 😈

We are the first project that has combined these mechanics and rate of a buyback and burn. Things will get a little spicy, energy will flow, and SMOKE will always burn!

Join the Steezy community and hop along for the degen ride of a lifetime.

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