Steezy NFT 🦊

chill vibes, low expectations, and always a good time.

Where do I buy Steezy?

2000 Steezy NFTs will be available to mint directly from our official website.

Once we have launched, we will be available on all ETH marketplaces.

Mint Price is .02 ETH

You can purchase with ETH or debit/credit card.

Which Steezy(s) should I buy?

The initial mint of Steezy NFTs will be shuffled and delivered at complete random, no matter the rarity ranking.

Once the project is sold out, all NFT metadata can be found on multiple sites, including rarity tools.

All traits can be sorted directly on OpenSea or other marketplaces to choose the Steezy assets and combinations you desire.

Rare pairings of assets makes for a more badass Steezy NFT. There are also a collection of 1 of 1s.

I got my Steezy, now what?

  1. Join the Steezy community at Discord.

  2. Stake your Steezy NFT & stack some SMOKE token.

  3. Support our Steezy members and team on socials! #Steezy #SmokeSession

  4. Shop around in Steezy's Smoke Shop as you accumulate.

  5. Have some fun with us. We are here to vibe, & have a good time.

Stake Steezy!

Very simple lockup protocol. One staking pool option only.

You will be able to stake up to 50+ Steezy NFTs at a time!

30 Day Lockup Pool: Generate 10 $SMOKE Per Day!

Unstake your NFT early? You won't receive an accumulated rewards & your accumulated balance will get burned!

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