Smoke Tokenomics 💨

an overview of the mechanics, utility, and smokenomics of smoke.

Token Structure

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Token Staking Pool: 30,000,000

NFT Staking Pool: 11,155,000

NFT Airdrops: 69,000

Presale & Liquidity 58,776,000

Initial Liquidity Lockup: 180 Days

  • Transaction Tax (33.4% Collected Used For Buyback & Burn)

    • 5% Purchase

    • 5% Sale Tax


How do I get SMOKE?

There are multiple ways to get Smoke Token & increase your holdings.

  1. Directly purchase SMOKE by swapping ETH on Uniswap.

  2. Stake your Steezy NFT to generate a daily reward of SMOKE.

  3. Stake your SMOKE to generate even more SMOKE!

What can I spend SMOKE on?

You won't have to spend SMOKE on anything if you don't want to, but we do have a badass shop if you want to pickup some sick gear and assets.

  1. Hold it & watch all the SMOKE burn around you.

  2. Steezy's Smoke Shop. Buy all kinds of dope stuff here. Digital assets, access to other projects, NFTs, merchandise, IRL events, smoke accessories. You'll love it.

  3. Other projects and businesses will adopt SMOKE for use cases as well.

Where can I find SMOKE addresses?


Will SMOKE be listed on a DEX?

Yes, Uniswap.

What will the price of SMOKE be?

The price of SMOKE will be determined by the free market.

Is there a limited supply of SMOKE?

The supply of SMOKE is capped at 100,000,000, and through the smoke session events, this number will decrease on a weekly basis!

Where does the spent SMOKE go?

The SMOKE collected from all transactions will be held in a reserve.

They will likely be used to replenish staking pools, maybe some manual burns, grow the token ecosystem a little with a CEX... who knows.

Stake SMOKE!

Don't plan on going anywhere? Want to increase your SMOKE bag? Lock it up & earn an APY. We consulted with high-level financial advisors to come up with our APY rates.

*We will include the staking contract and staking link once launched.

30 Day Lockup = 69% APY

90 Day Lockup = 100% APY

180 Day Lockup = 420% APY

If you unstake early, you will not receive the accumulated rewards, and your staked balance will be taxed 33.4%

*Read how the token supply is burned like no other project during our Smoke Sessions! 🔥

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